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Episode 18:
Gravity Falls

"Carpet Diem"

Charley and Ella have a very standard, non-freaky discussion of "Carpet Diem," the way it enhances the typical body swap story, and Dipper's very lacking social life. PLUS: a shocking event that changes the Gravity Falls fandom forever!

Watch Gravity Falls episode 16 "Carpet Diem":


Episode 17:

Gravity Falls
"The Deep End"

Charley and Ella are joined by fellow Pipedream podcaster Michael William Hunter (co-host of Come On Fhqwhpods) to discuss "The Deep End." We talk Matt Chapman's most prominent role yet, the way this episode gives every Pines family member something to do, and a particularly puzzling fan theory.

Watch Gravity Falls episode 15 "The Deep End":


Episode 16:

Gravity Falls
"Bottomless Pit"

Charley and Ella take a look at the anthology of stories in "Bottomless Pit!", discussing the production history behind the episode's structure and what the show gets to explore in three short segments. Ella also gets really mad about spaghetti.

Watch Gravity Falls episode 14 "Bottomless Pit!":