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Episode 06:
Gravity Falls

"The Inconveniencing"

Charley and Ella discuss the character dynamic between Dipper and Wendy, the inherent coolness of camp counselors, and the dangers of expired Smile Dip consumption.

Watch Gravity Falls Episode 5: "The Inconvenciencing":


Episode 05:

Gravity Falls

"The Hand That Rocks The Mabel"

Charley and Ella talk child psychics, clown paintings and more with special guest Mary McKeon, host of Into The Falls: A Gravity Falls podcast ('s a no-spoiler Gravity Falls rewatch podcast. What a novel idea!

Watch Gravity Falls Episode 4: "The Hand that Rocks the Mabel":

Check out the postcard of Larry Larrimore that inspired Lil' Gideon:


Ep. 04:

Gravity Falls

Ella and Charley meet the townsfolk of Gravity Falls, OR and they're all hilarious.

The episode trains viewers to look for clues.

Watch Gravity Falls Episode 3: "Headhunters":

Download the theme song:

"Hall of Conspiracies" theme by and voice-over by

Thanks to for voicing Mabel in the end tag