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The Pipedream Podcast Producers

Just the guys in charge of the site.

David Spencer

Pipedream CEO -

Hosts "Thank You Internet", "The Weird Alphabet", "Good Night Hollywoo!", and "Come On, Fhqwhpods!"

David W. Spencer grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, with a love for movies, web-shows, pretending to have a time machine, and all things story. After he graduated from Compass College of Cinematic Arts in 2012, he moved to LA and got some modest experience on the sets of numerous shorts, music videos, web shows, and other projects. Now his passion is focused on internet culture, especially podcasts, and talks about anything and everything. He is a fan of Red vs. Blue, Rebel Force Radio,, xkcd, badchristian, Thrilling Adventure Hour, and the Jurassic Park Melodica cover.

Michael W. Hunter

Pipedream CEO -

Hosts "Thank You Internet", "The Weird Alphabet",

and "Come On, Fhqwhpods!"

Michael William Hunter is an actor from North Pole, Alaska. In 2012, he graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, CA with an associates degree in Dramatic Arts and is now currently taking the Sitcom Master class at The Actors Comedy Studio in West Hollywood. He grew up with the early days of YouTube and is a huge fanatic of such.

View Michael's Actor Profile - HERE!

Alexa Cuizon

Producer -

Hosts "Come On, Fhqwhpods!" & "Goodnight Hollywoo!"

Alexa Cuizon grew up moving back and forth between America and the Philippines. She is receiving karma for watching Filipino soap operas as a kid instead of studying, for drama follows her wherever she goes. Whether it's on the stage, in front of the camera, or in her living room telling you that you should absolutely NOT date that person, she is all about getting down to the root of your problems. She is no therapist, but that doesn't stop people from telling her their deepest secrets. Yeah, she graduated with an AA in film, but she did that to please her parents because acting "doesn't pay the bills".

Daniel Kawka

Producer - Chief Director of Film -

Hosts "How Did This Not Get Made?" & "The Weird Alphabet"

Daniel Kawka is a writer, cinematographer, director, editor, and photographer. He received his BA from Western Michigan University with a double major in Film and English. While in school, he co-founded & was president of the Western Filmmakers Association (WFA) and ended his college years by co-writing/directing WMU's first full-length student film, "The Day Job". Today he continues his own projects and works independently under his production company Legend Maker Productions LLC.

The Pipedream Podcast Family

The faces behind the voices you listen to with your ears.

Tony Goldmark

Producer -

Hosts "Escape from Vault Disney"

Tony Goldmark is a YouTube personality and host of such shows as Some Jerk With A Camera, State Of The Parks, One Movie Later and the podcast Escape From Vault Disney. In his wasted youth, he fancied himself a comedy musician and scored several heavily-requested songs on The Dr. Demento Show. If you split his brain open, it's half pointless Weird Al trivia and half pointless Disney theme park trivia. He also enjoys cheese.

Charley Marlowe
Producer -

Hosts "Mystery Shack Lookback"

Charley Marlowe is an actor, writer, and voice director who pillages and plunders the Jersey Shore.

They created the "Real-Time Fandub" improv game popular on YouTube and performed with the New York Renaissance Faire. After Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island series of video games successfully transed Charley's gender, they have pursued nothing but the pirate's life. These swashbuckling aspirations were directly responsible for the destruction of a stage at MAGfest 2020.

They also regularly stream on

Ella Cesari
Producer -

Hosts "Mystery Shack Lookback"

Ella Cesari is an animator and story artist hailing from Philadelphia. She ran all the way from the steps of the art museum to the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where she earned her BFA. She loves creating characters and telling stories, such as her animated short films “Funny Business” and “Slam Poet.” When she’s not harnessing her unholy powers to make drawings move, Ella enjoys playing ukulele, wearing cute outfits, and spontaneously bursting into song.

See her personal site:

Andrew Frola

Multi-dimensional Ambassador of Earth -

Hosts "The Weird Alphabet"

Andrew Frola has been living in LA for about a year now and he loves the many new and exciting things he sees every day, as it inspires his work as a digital 2D concept artist. His goal is to bring his concepts into the Game and Film industry to create some amazing worlds and creatures. Also, when he's not animating, podcasting, or fighting crocodiles with his bare hands, he hosts a Let's Play channel, FrolalalalaGaming!