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Introducing the newest
Pipedream Podcasts show:

"Pod Made You Special - Revisiting VeggieTales"

New Episode Monthly!

Ep. 181:
sbemail: dangeresque 3

Kyle Carrozza and Lindsay Smith return yet again to the show to discuss the "first" installment of Dangeresque!

Kyle Carrozza:

Lindsay Smith:

Watch the toon:

Watch the next episode's toon:



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Ep. 105:
Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER S3E4 -
"Operations Skunk"

This week, the randomizer goes all the way back to 2016 to pick exactly what all my most dedicated listeners tune in to this podcast to hear, ANOTHER DAMN NATGEO SHOW! For the second week in a row. Hey, don't thank the randomizer, it's just doing its very stupid job. This particular NatGeo show is a reality show all about the veterinarians working at a Florida animal hospital that specializes in caring for exotic animals, which basically means "literally any animal that can fit through the door that isn't a dog or a cat unless it's the main vet's dad's dog with bunny ears on." That may seem like tortured logic, but whaddaya expect, it's Florida. Join Tony Goldmark, Charlie Callahan, Haley Baker Callahan and Cassie Shima as they speed off after dropping their screaming blood-drenched tortoise on the ground in front of DR. K'S EXOTIC ANIMAL ER, season three episode four, "Operations Skunk!"



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Listener Emails and Season 5 Line-up

Daniel and David go over listener emails and we discuss the line up for Season 4 of How Did This NOT Get Made.



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Ep. 02:

Garden Wall Recall -
"Schooltown Follies/Songs of the Dark Latern"

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Ella, Shelby and Charley continue their spooky re-theme of their podcast museum with episodes 3 & 4 of Over the Garden Wall, joined by the incredible voice actor Liz aka @pearl.point!

Follow Liz:

Intro theme song instrumental by



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Ep. 04:

"Rack, Shack, & Benny"

We're joined today by Ella Cesari (animator, co-host of Mystery Shack Lookback, and creator of our podcast artwork) to talk about VeggieTales' retelling of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

Logo Art by Ella Cesari:



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"Alfred Matthew Yankovic" was nominated for a 2019 Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award

for 'Outstanding Parody Song'!

See Michael perform it LIVE at

MarsCon 2019!